October 21, 2014


Custom Logo Rice Socks - Story from Doula Business

Custom Logo Rice Socks for Hospital Bag
Alice asked me to write a blog post about how I use rice socks in my practice after my third order of custom logo rice socks in a few months. She must be wondering what I could possibly be doing with all of those rice socks in such a short amount of time!

I had found relief through using heat packs for my own aches and pains from time to time and was pleased to incorporate them into my doula practice. The rice socks from Your Doula Bag are fantastic and I give them to all of my clients at our last visit before their birth. I must say this gift might be a bit selfish because, almost always, my very excited client calls me between 10pm and 3am, saying that she has started having contractions. After talking for a few minutes and evaluating her state, I usually I remind her and her partner that the best thing to do right now is sleep. I ask her partner to heat up the rice sock, to both climb in bed and for her partner to press the sock against her low back while they rest together as much as possible. It usually buys me a couple hours of shut eye, myself. Well worth the cost of a rice sock!  

Additionally, I have had the fortunate problem lately where I've had too many of my yoga students wanting to enlist my service as their doula. My solution was to create a workshop where I can bolster the confidence of my students' partners by giving away many of my secrets and allowing them to leave with a literal "bag of tricks." Of course, this bag always includes a rice sock, among other things.

My clients are always so grateful for the comfort this little sock provides and they often tell me that they have continued to use them long after their baby's birth. And then two years later when she's pregnant again and her pregnancy brain says, "What was the name of our doula's company again? ...Right, Zen Mommas." And there's your return client. 


Aimee lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband 2 year old son. She has been working with pregnant families as a prenatal yoga teacher and doula for the past 6 years. She feels so grateful for the opportunity to support women and their families during this precious time. www.zenmommas.com


 Real stories from YourDoulaBag customers


October 15, 2014


The Story of Doula World

We are so excited about our new Doula World project!  Find out more about our current charity and purchase your own Doula World item

October 07, 2014


Birth Balls and Labor - How To Use Infographic

We've seen them in the gym and called them exercise balls for years.  We have even considered switching out our desk chairs for one.  Once you become pregnant they are suddenly BIRTH BALLS!  These large round items are awesome before, during and after labor.  Check out our user guide below for details!  We think they are a must for birthing mamas, doulas and childbirth educators.  Pack your hospital bag or doula bag and grab one of these and you'll be ready. 

October 02, 2014


Highlights of the Lamaze DONA Conference

 Lamaze DONA Doula Childbirth Educator Conference

The Lamaze DONA Conference in Kansas city was amazing.  The speakers and sessions were fabulous.  The exhibitors were excellent.  Best of all, the time between the sessions were filled with wonderful networking with birth professionals.  I have put together a video with my highlights from this awesome event below.

 Take a peek at our video and find out more about my experience as a speaker, meeting my customers in real life and what it is like to bump into birth celebrites like Penny Simkin, Debra Pascali-Bonaro and Gail Tully.



 More pics for you include:

Doula Collective of Tulsa

Alice with 3 of the doulas from the Doula Collective of Tulsa.


Doula Sarah Goebel honored us by wearing the tshirt she purchased from us. LOVE THAT!


Don't forget to check out my Pinterest presentation blog and infographic


Hold on to your seats! This isn't my only blog about the conference.  Stay tuned for more to come including highlights from the speakers and sessions. 

Did you attend the conference?  Did you decide to skip it?  Share your story in our comments below.


September 29, 2014


Pinterest for Birth Professionals

I recently presented a session at the Lamaze DONA joint conference in Kansas City about using Pinterest for birth professionals.  It was a great experience and I so enjoyed presenting this great topic.  Below you will find an infographic presenting most of the highlights of the presentation.  Please post a comment with any of your questions about using Pinterest! 


September 03, 2014


Induction with Cervidil: Tips from a doula and childbirth educator

What is Cervidil:

Cervidil is a medication used in the induction of labor. In the most basic of descriptions it looks like a tampon with gel on the end of it.  Its generic name is dinoprostone.

When is it used:

Care providers will often use Cervidil as the first step in an induction.  If a woman’s cervix is not dilated or dilated only a little, cervidil can be used. 

Induction of Labor: A Doula makes sense of cervidil

How does it work:

Cervidil is inserted vaginally.  Some women report a discomfort with this process.  It stays in and is usually removed 12 hours later or if regular labor contractions begin.  Sometimes it will fall out.  Usually moms stay in bed or in a chair during the 12 hours, but can get up and go to the bathroom.  Most care providers monitor women while they have cervidil (this means contraction and fetal monitoring).  In some areas of the world, providers have sent women home with cervidil inserted and have them return for removal (this doesn’t seem to be the norm).

Tips and other information

  • Most care providers insert the cervidil at night so that mom can sleep for the 12 hours that it is in. It is important to eat a good dinner before you arrive at the hospital for the insertion.   
  • Sometimes cervidil causes regular labor contractions. (yahoo! This is the goal of an induction. If you have a doula, give her an update!)
  • Sometimes cervidil does nothing. This means the cervix is the same before and after the cervidil. (very annoying to most women)
  • Sometimes cervidil dilates the cervix a bit. (yahoo! This means mom is closer to the goal of 10cm)
  • Usually cervidil only softens the cervix. This means that a woman’s cervix is more effaced/thinned after cervidil. (in my experience this happens most of the time)
  • Occasionally cervidil causes extreme contractions (uterine hyperstimulation) that are right on top of each other. In this case you should alert your nurse and care provider. They usually can remove the cervidil if this happens.(this does happen! I've witnessed it)
  • Sometimes providers will do 2 does of cervidil if the first dose did not achieve the desired results.
  • While cervidil is inserted, sleep is the top priority. Sleeping in the hospital isn’t usually very comfortable or easy.  To help encourage sleep, setup the room in a way to promote sleep.  Bring pillows from home, turn out all of the lights, use white noise with headphones if that helps to cover the hospital sounds.  I even recommend putting a battery operated candle in the bathroom so you don't have to turn on that light at night. Sleep is so important!! Sleep, sleep, sleep!
  • When cervidil is removed women can request a shower and a good meal before the next step of the induction begins. THIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Labor is a strenuous physical activity.  Fuel your body before labor just as you would before a physical challenge.  
  • Questions about cervidil or your options for labor? Ask your care provider! It’s your birth, don’t hesitate to get the information you need to make the choices that are right for you.

Have you experienced cervidil?  Please comment below.

Are you a doula that has supported women who have had cervidil?  Please comment below.

common sense disclaimer: I'm a doula and childbirth educator. The blog above contains information from my experiences and my research. I'm also a wife of an attorney who likes me to include this information.

August 18, 2014


Why cover your birth ball? Tips for packing your hospital bag.

Is a cover for the birth ball really necessary?  Well maybe not, but in this short video you will see some of the reasons why I think it is not only a good idea, but a great tip for doula and mamas packing their hospital bags. 


 Do you use a ball cover?  Please share your experience below!

June 18, 2014


May 18, 2014


32 Options For Childbirth (epidural isn't the only option)

Did you catch all 32?  There are so many options for working through labor.  I am sure there are childbirth educators and doulas that can add ideas to this list.  

I would love to share this video with anyone preparing for childbirth.  Please help me spread the word.

If you don't know your options then you don't have any!


May 04, 2014


Have Ball, Will Travel - Doulas are ready!


Doulas have the skills and equipment necessary to support moms labor and are ready to do it anywhere.

In the photo above I am on the way to teach a private Lamaze childbirth education class to a couple who lives in my neighborhood.  I don't typically travel on my bike with my doula bag and birth ball, but if I needed to reach a client in labor via bicycle I would definitely make it work.  Doulas overcome all sorts of travel challenges and life obstacles in order to get to their clients in labor.  They live with the knowledge that at any moment they might have to interrupt their own lives and head off to a client in labor. Most of our lives are lived on call and we are ready to go at a moments notice.

One of the key skills doulas must posses is flexibility. No two clients are alike, no two births are alike.  Each labor is unique.  It is one of the things that makes the profession so exciting.   Doulas have the skills to support ALL types of moms in labor.  They support moms with various goals, hopes and dreams for birth.  They support moms of various cultures, educations and socioeconomic levels.  They support moms with various heath conditions, body types and ages.  They support moms with and without partners. 

I haven't met a doula that wasn't pushed out of her comfort zone while supporting a mom into labor.  The needs of the clients are top priority and meeting those needs might require more than we could ever imagine.  

Was there ever a time when you were pushed beyond your usual limits, sprung to action at a horribly inconvenient time or labored with a client in a unusual location. Please share! 

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