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July Doula Tips - Day 1 - Transportation Tips


During the month of July we will be featuring a new 'Doula Tip' a day on Facebook.  Our Facebook fans will be giving their tips on each daily topic and we will publish them here.  At the end of July we will have a great list compiled here and on Facebook too.  I encourage everyone to join in the fun!

[caption id="attachment_102" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Take a photo of where you parked"]Doula Tip #1 - Transportation[/caption]

Day 1 - Transportation

My transportation tip:

Remember where you parked your car at a birth by taking a photo with your phone before you head into the hospital.

Tips from our Facebook Fans:


Kellie Greene, Tomecas Gibson Thomas, Sarah Sutton Thayer and Cynthya Dzialo all suggest parking in the same spot everytime.


Wendy Scharp says that she has a security guard walk her out for safety.


Nicki Ceplecha says that for home births and where they live in the country practice the route in the dark as well as the daytime before birth day.


Sarah Cowan-Peckham parks close to the ER exit in case the other hospital doors are shut down at night.

Angela Horn likes to park in a dark spot in the garage if she needs to catch some rest during a birth.

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