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Birth Balls and Labor - How To Use Infographic 3

We've seen them in the gym and called them exercise balls for years.  We have even considered switching out our desk chairs for one.  Once you become pregnant they are suddenly BIRTH BALLS!  These large round items are awesome before, during and after labor.  Check out our user guide below for details!  We think they are a must for birthing mamas, doulas and childbirth educators.  Pack your hospital bag or doula bag and grab one of these and you'll be ready.  Use a ball cover to make the ball clean, soft and easy to carry.

Yes, we sell birth balls for labor!

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Looking for a super cute ball cover?

Why cover your birth ball? Tips for packing your hospital bag. 3

Is a cover for the birth ball really necessary?  Well maybe not, but in this short video you will see some of the reasons why I think it is not only a good idea, but a great tip for doula and mamas packing their hospital bags. 


 Do you use a ball cover?  Please share your experience below!