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Peaceful Birthing Environment Infographic 0


This infographic was created for a nursing training.  The purpose was to give the nurses more information on how to setup and maintain a peaceful environment for birth.  What would you add to this?


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IV Fluids and Newborns 1

Nearly one and a half years ago (August of 2011) a team of Canadian researchers published a study in the International Breastfeeding Journal that linked the fluid intake which a mother may receive in labor with excessive weight loss in her newborn.  The study concluded that it takes about 24 hours for babies to correct their fluid state and therefore a true birth weight should be done at 24 hours.  I don't know about your area of the world, but this is NOT being done where I live.  Not only is this not being done, but there seems to be NO knowledge about this research.  Sure...the doulas and the IBCLCs know about the study...but not the pediatricians who are often quick to suggest formula for excessive weight loss.

How do we get this research into the hands of the birthing mothers and their care providers?  My suggestion is to send this information to your clients. Make them aware of the situation so that they will have the information with them before birth.  Help them prepare for this possible scenario!

Below I have listed my favorite posts about this research.  The study was reported by a variety of people and news organizations.  They range from a Lactation Consultant's blog to an online news feed for pediatricians.  Share your favorite one with your clients or share them all!

The Journal Article: From the International Breastfeeding Journal - An observational study of associations among maternal fluids during parturition, neonatal output, and breastfed newborn weight loss

A Lactations Consultants View: From Santa Barbara Lactation - Newborn Weight Loss and IV Fluids in Labor

The News Reporter: From Science Daily - Maternal IV Fluids Linked to Newborns' Weight Loss

The Breastpump company: Hygeia - IV Fluids Linked to Early Newborn Weight Loss

The University where the research took place: University of Ottawa - Maternal IV fluids linked to newborns' weight loss

A Medical News website aimed at Pediatricians: - Newborn weight loss associated with maternal IV fluids

Medical School News: Stanford Medical School -Study shows link between maternal IV fluids and weight loss in newborns



Ice Chips - Not my choice of fuel for labor 1

Ice only in labor

Labor is hard physical work.  Most people doing hard physical work get hungry and thirsty.  Would an athlete running a marathon not be allowed to drink water?  Would a mountain climber be denied a protein bar? Why then are women in labor often restricted to ice chips?

Unfortunately, food and drink is often restricted when giving birth in a hospital.  As doulas, we know that this makes no sense.  To back this up, there have even been studies to prove this practice isn't justified.  Why won't hospitals and care providers make a change and let women eat and drink as THEY choose?

How many times have you heard a nurse list vomiting as a reason for not eating or drinking in labor? I say, if they want to take the risk of "throwing it back up later" then let them.  It's their body.

As a childbirth educator, I find myself teaching about current research, but warning students that they will probably have to sneak food and possibly drinks in labor.  As a doula, I have been on the lookout for medical personnel while my client was having a snack.  How can we stop this restriction on laboring women?


Wedding Preparation versus Childbirth Preparation 3

I've heard people compare the time spent preparing for a wedding and the time spent preparing for birth and it always shocks me.  I needed to do my own research on this topic and came across this statistic that really spoke to me. reports that in the last 3 months of engagement the a bride spends an average of 11 hours a week working on her wedding.  That's 132 hours!!  Can you imagine if these same women spent 132 hours on childbirth preparation?  I just had to make an infographic plea to not skimp on childbirth preparation. See below!