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You Are Going To Be A Doula?? 3

Before I became a doula I worked as a database programmer.  I had an engineering degree with a computer science minor and had worked in IT for six years.  I left the workforce to be a stay at home mom and then worked part time in the same industry for another couple of years.  During my part time employment I realized that my real passion was birth and I was overjoyed to find out about doulas!  I did my research, signed up for a doula certification program through DONA International and started down a new career path.  I was bursting with excitement.  My husband was immediately supportive (thank goodness he didn’t REALLY know what the life of a doula looked like!!).  I had a few friends and family which were encouraging, but many people said

“You are going to be a DOULA??? I don’t even know what that is!”

Nine years ago you rarely heard about doulas in Atlanta.  I did not know of any doulas and didn't use one for my 2 births.  I started getting nervous about discussing my plans about becoming a doula.  I was afraid of the reaction.  I was afraid of feeling…crazy!

For my certification requirement I had to attend a 12 hour childbirth education course and I distinctly remember the instructor saying

“How will you find any clients in Atlanta since no one uses doulas.

Everyone in Atlanta gets an epidural.”

I remember thinking that I wanted to be a doula so badly that it didn't matter if I could only find one client a year.  I wanted it! It was what I was meant to do. Thankfully I didn't let these naysayers stop me from following my dream.   Did you run into similar reactions when you disclosed your plan to become a doula?  Share your tips on keeping up your dream despite negative reactions.