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Doula Tip: Grab their attention with Logo Rice Socks 1

If you are ready to be remembered, give your contacts something more memorable than a business card.  How about a rice sock with your business logo on it?

5 steps to GRAB the attention of a potential client

1) Contact your referral partners and ask if they will give away rice socks to their pregnant clients.  Their clients get a free tool for labor and it is at no cost to your referral partner. 

2) Create logo rice socks 

3) Attach a business card to the rice socks with a rubber band. (this step is optional)  You can add a discount coupon to the card if you are running a promotion.

4) Deliver rice socks to referral partners

5) Wait for the referrals to come flooding in!

2013 Doula Bag Memories 0

2013 Doula Bag Memories


If my doula bag could talk I think it would have this to say about 2013.


2013 was a busy year for me.  Thanks for letting me share some of my memories....

  • 3 times I got to the hospital room, but the baby arrived before I could even be opened! 
  • The spare set of clothes was used in May, but not washed and returned until June.
  • I was left in a hot van for days on end waiting for a client with a history of fast labors
  • The Battery Operated Candles were used at almost every birth
  • The snacks supply seem to come and go, sometimes I carried lots of snacks and sometimes not many at all.  The mocha flavored almonds must not have been a bit because they remain untouched and are probably stale. 
  • I visited several homes during prenatal appointments and private childbirth classes where I got a chance to show off my contents.
  • I was left on the hospital floor too many time to count.  I really prefer sitting on a shelf when I visit a hospital. Have you seen what ends up on those floors?
  • The Portable Ice Bin was sometimes returned to the bag wet (I don't like when that happens)
  • Honey Sticks were popular this year and seemed to disappear as soon as they were stocked. Apparently doulas and their children like them too.
  • 2013 was the year of FLAIR for me.  I now wear a tiny Uterus Pin and a tiny Placenta Pin along with my doula button. Now I really look like a doula bag and not just a backpack
  • The end of October and beginning of November were insane.  I traveled to different 4 hospitals and was used at 5 births.
  • My new friend is the Peanut Ball.  She seems to travel with me to most births.  She usually gets left in the car, but we get her if we need her. 

I wonder what adventures I'll go on in 2014!

    Grow your doula library 0

    Stay up to date with your reading materials

    A peek at the library at Preparing for Birth

    If you are like many doulas that I know, you might only be reading books of the birth variety.  I am embarrassed to say that I can't remember the last time I read a book cover to cover that wasn't related somehow to birth.

    The world of birth is everchanging.  New books are published every year that cover the topic of birth and doula work.  There are so many great books out there.  We all know those by Ina May and Penny Simkin of course, but what about the others that might not be on the top of all of the doula required reading lists?

    Here are a few of my favorites:

    Journey Into Motherhood is my favorite natural birth story book. I like to let clients borrow this book when they aren't sure about natural birth, but want to know more.  I think it can really boost a mom who might not have any connections with other mothers who have given birth naturally.

    Keep the Fires Burning is a great book written by a doula covering the important topics of burnout, stress and self-care.  I found it very inspirational and really rang true to me.

    Natural Hospital Birth is a wonderfully practical guide to giving birth naturally in a hospital.  Moms can read Ina May, but can most of them relate to her?  I think some moms can't read about a beautiful homebirth and apply what they read to their plan for birthing in the hospital.

    What are your favorites? Please share!  I am always interested in expanding my collection.



    Announcing Blogtober - A Month of Blogs about Doulas 0



    October is officially "Blogtober" here at YourDoulaBag.  We are publishing one doula related blog a day for the entire month.  Check in to see who will show up on the blog.  We have many guest bloggers lined up and ready to discuss our favorite topic...doulas!

    Want to get in on the Blogtober fun? Submit your blog idea.


    Penny Simkin Endorsed! 0

    [caption id="attachment_242" align="aligncenter" width="242"]Penny Simkin and Alice Turner in Cancun at DONA International Doula Conference Penny Simkin endorses YourDoulaBiz[/caption]

    Wondering about whether our doula management program, YourDoulaBiz, is worth the investment.  We have nearly 1000 users currently using the program to manage their doula (and related birth) businesses!  We are so proud to say that we have doulas from around the world using the program.  One particular doula endorsement makes us very proud...Penny Simkin.

    From Penny...

     YourDoulaBiz is a very well designed program to help doulas keep all their client records in one place.  Designed by a doula who really understands what records we need in our work, it is handy, user-friendly and paperless.  To me, the best things about this program are that it is simple and quick to learn, and will streamline the business side of doula work, even for the doula who is not particularly computer-savvy. --Penny Simkin, PT, CD(DONA)


    August Resources - Day 1 - Childbirth Connection 0


    [caption id="attachment_266" align="aligncenter" width="277" caption="This organization is great!"][/caption]

    Childbirth Connection ( ) This site has a section for Women and Health Professionals.  I love to direct clients to the "Women" section of this site for more research on their own.  The Health Professional section is pretty research heavy, but chock full of great information. Their mission is to improve the quality and value of maternity care. Pretty noble cause, right?