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3 Reasons Honey sticks are a Doula Bag and Hospital Bag Necessity

3 Reasons Honey sticks are a Doula Bag and Hospital Bag Necessity 6

If you haven't tried a honey stick yet, you are missing out!  These little treats have been a secret snack for many doulas and I'd love to prove my case for why they are a hospital bag and doula bag necessity.

1) Honey is a liquid

Sometimes a laboring mom is given a food restriction and limited to only liquids.  This practice is not evidence based, however is still common in many areas of the world.  Honeysticks are one snack that I think bridges the gap between food and liquid.  They feel more like a food, but technically are liquid.   They are a nice alternative to water, sports drink or broth that are often the only options when restricted to liquid.

2) Honey sticks are SUPER SNACKS

Honey sticks have all of the qualities that I look for in a perfect snack.  Depending upon where you purchase your honeysticks, they are 100% natural.  They usually contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  {we proudly carry high quality honey sticks!}  They have a great flavor without any odor.  Honey sticks also can be eaten discreetly, no crunching or loud package opening noises. {a peaceful birthing environment is key!}

Honey sticks stay fresh for a LONG time. Most honey is fresh indefinitely! Occasionally it will start to crystallize.  Once the honey has crystallized it is still okay to eat.

Honey sticks are portable and easy to eat. Eating a honey stick might seem tricky, but once you know the technique it’s super easy. 


3) Honey sticks provide a quick shot of energy for everyone

The sugary sweetness provided by honey can be a quick shot of energy.  During labor the entire team (mom, partner and doula) can often use a quick pick me up!  Honeysticks are a perfect solution.  

Why cover your birth ball? Tips for packing your hospital bag. 3

Is a cover for the birth ball really necessary?  Well maybe not, but in this short video you will see some of the reasons why I think it is not only a good idea, but a great tip for doula and mamas packing their hospital bags. 


 Do you use a ball cover?  Please share your experience below!

A Peanut in your hospital bag? 0


It's the latest tool making a buzz in the childbirth world, but is the peanut ball really something that you need for your hospital bag?  

I say, YES!

Below you will find my favorite articles and videos on the subject of peanut balls.

Research on the Peanut Ball

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Videos of the Peanut Ball in Action

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I bring my peanut ball to every birth.  Usually if my client is planning a low intervention birth and desiring to be active I leave the peanut ball in my car. It the client decides to get an epidural or spend time laboring in the bed then I run out to the car and retrieve the ball.   If my client is planning on an epidural I go ahead bring the peanut ball with me.  I definitely turn a few heads walking into the hospital with my doula bag, birth ball in a cover over one shoulder and peanut ball in a cover over the other shoulder.

Since adding a peanut ball to my doula tools, I have used it every time I have a client with an epidural.  My clients find it fairly comfortable and it is so much easier than trying to prop mom's leg up with pillows, stirrups or even the bedside table.  I think as I try more positions with the peanut ball, it will become a key item in my doula work. 

As a childbirth educator, I have just started to introduce the peanut ball in class.  As I see the success of the ball in my doula practice I feel more confident teaching about this option to my childbirth students.  Birth balls have become more available in laboring rooms, but peanut balls are only available in a few hospitals.  Until they are readily available, I recommend these for both doulas and moms packing their hospital bags.