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July Doula Tips - Day 13 - Introduce yourself

August 03, 2012

Introduce yourself to the nurses, midwives and OBs that are working with your client in labor. This creates a professional and respectful atmosphere in the labor room.

What's your tip for creating a professional working environment?

Leah Racicot Kohlstrom Don't show up in old yoga pants and a crumpled tshirt. If you want to be treated like a professional part of the birth team, dress like it. (Not that one would wear a dress and heels but put some thought into how you are presenting yourself.)
Jennifer Hendrickson I wear black scrub pants and a t-shirt with my business name and logo on it.  The pants have plenty of pockets for anything I need to hold and the t-shirt clues the staff in on who I am in case they are walking in the room in the middle of a contraction.  Nurses are starting to recognize me as the lime green doula because my logo, birthing ball cover, and doula bag are all lime green.
Angela Horn When a nurse or doctor enter the room I move into a position  so that I'm facing them and not have my back to them.  I make and maintain eye contact when they speak to us.  I maintain the birth space as we get closer to delivery so the nurse doesn't have to clean the room before she can set up for delivery. If the nurse or provider is really hands on I fade into the background and busy myself with other tasks.
Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy Meet the OB or midwife and get to know the nurses on staff at the hospital by being a frequent face
Bilen Berhanu i like to bring small treats for the staff lounge and make sure to have a name tag or pin.
Daniela Sal Panetta I love the name tag and snack idea for the nurses, although some of them can b very mean and may not appreciate it!! I live the one color theme Jennifer has .... Love the lime!

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