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About Us

The purpose of a doula, about YourDoulabag

Being a doula is the greatest profession in the world!  Our goal is to celebrate the doula profession and to provide a valuable resource for everyone who calls themselves a doula.  We strive to carry the best products, blog about relevant doula information and provide top quality resources. 

During the many hours of breastfeeding my third child, the idea for YourDoulaBag came to me.  I had already been a doula for several years as well as an avid online shopper.  I couldn't believe that there wasn't an online store dedicated to doulas and the process of giving birth!  My mission is to be a one stop shop for doulas, childbirth professionals and moms packing their hospital bags for birth.

While having a stocked doula bag is not crucial to being a good doula, we believe that it can be really helpful.  There are times when the right tool makes the work of being a doula easier.  Whether it's a portable ice bin that keeps washcloths cool or a birth ball cover that makes transporting a big ball easier our items really can help.  We also think it is nice to tell clients about the tools that you bring. This usually eases their minds about what they need to pack.  Their doula has it covered!

The contents of my doula bag has changed through the years…mostly by adding new items.   The items on the site are ones that I think are helpful.  You might not use them at every birth, but when you need them they are there. 

Running a doula business comes with it's own challenges and YourDoulaBag is ready to help in that area as well.  We have many great doula products that make running your doula business fun and easier. 

We are dedicated to birth and the professions involved in this wonderful process.



Alice Turner

Owner and Doula

Doula Business Owner, Alice Turner of YourDoulaBag and her son Nathan