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About Your Doula Bag

When I became a doula in 2011, YourDoulaBag was one of the first resources I found that solely catered to doulas and their business needs. In fact, I still have the Doula bumper sticker on my car!

YourDoulaBag has been a shop I returned to frequently for my doula bag supplies. I was so thrilled to acquire YourDoulaBag in late 2018 from founder Alice Turner. We both strongly believe that being a doula is the greatest profession in the world! We share the same goals to celebrate birth professionals and to provide a valuable resource for everyone who calls themselves a doula. As the new owner of YourDoulaBag I will strive to continue to carry the best products, blog about relevant birth professional information and provide top quality resources.

YDB is designed to be a one-stop shop for doulas, childbirth professionals and moms packing their hospital bags for birth.

While having a stocked doula bag may not crucial to being a good doula, I believe that it can be really helpful and increase your effectiveness with clients. There are times when the right tool makes all the difference, whether it's a portable ice bin that keeps washcloths cool or a birth ball cover that makes transporting a big ball easier. It’s also nice to tell clients about the tools that you bring. This usually eases their minds about what they need to pack -- their doula has it covered!

As my personal doula business has grown, I've experimented with new tools and talked to my colleagues about what works for them. The items on this site are ones that I and other top doulas find helpful. You might not use them at every birth, but when you need them, it is good to know they are there.

Running a doula business comes with its own unique challenges and YourDoulaBag is ready to help! We have many great products to make running your doula business easier, giving you more time to care for your clients.

My favorite item is the Doula Name Badge – no more being mistaken for a “friend” or “sister” when you’re at a birth! Since 2009 YourDoulaBag has provided top-quality products for your birth education and doula practice needs. If you have ideas for additional items we should carry, let us know!

Happy Doula'ing,

Katie Rohs, CD(DONA), LCCE Owner and Doula