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July Doula Tips - Day 23 - Charge what you are worth!

August 08, 2012

Charge what you are worth!! If we as doulas dont value the work we do by charging accordingly then our clients won't value our work either.  Being a doula is a profession!

Erica Delmore Doula AMEN MY SISTA DOULA!!!
Kat 'Robertson' Lawton It doesn't have to be a profession. I view my work as a Doula as a necessary charitable contribution to modern society. People need to be informed of their choices and the positive side of childbirth and breastfeeding. I know for many Doulas it is a career and that is fantastic, but I do it because every woman deserves to know and I love being that medium :)
Cynthya Dzialo And it takes a toll on our bodies, mind and relationships! We make minimum wage when it is all calculated. Let's charge more, ladies. We are SO worth it.
Amie Salter not everyone can afford us if we "charge more". I agree with Kat, of course we have bills to pay, but at the end of the day, it isn't all about the money. I use a sliding scale with my clients and I've never questioned it since the day I started! Sometimes I even attend births for free because I love this work and think it is that important. Good karma always comes back around
Cynthya Dzialo Very true, Amie. I've done a lot of pro bono work and relish it. (It is also a tax write-off, after all.) I'm happy to barter for services but for my normal fee, which is very small in the grand scheme. For the mommies working as doulas, they have to arrange childcare and pay for transportation - some doulas may miss work at their steady job. It is important to value our profession and charge accordingly. The OBs make lots of $ and so do insurance companies and the hospitals. We ARE part of that team.
Cynthya Dzialo Good point, Kat. There are always going to be doulas who attend births "for the love of it". I attend births for that same reason - I love it so much that I can hardly say no to clients. My calendar is booked and it had to become my full-time job.
Nicole McKay I have to share this story, because it is still something I think about alot. I took a sales course (one for heart centred entrepreneurs). Anyways, we did a resonant pricing exercise with our partners and the class. We had to describe what we did, the short version, then we had to find a range for our prices and together we would see what each offer was worth - what resonated. Anyways, my partner immediately said $2000 felt right. Then in another exercise, several weeks after, in a practice sales conversation we did, my partner asked my fee, and replied, "I'd like to pay you $2000". It seems that this number was feeling right for my offer from the clients perspective (although I have yet to change my prices but it gives me food for thought). I do think we are an awesome profession and there are so many reasons for us to be charging what we are worth...when I look at what my clients get, the amazing research about us, the care and attention that goes into each relationship...I now we are worth it.

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