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December 1st - YourDoulaBiz User - Laurel Miller

December 01, 2012

Today we begin a series called "Meet the YourDoulaBiz User".  Each day of December we will feature one of the doulas that use YourDoulaBiz to run their doula businesses.

[caption id="attachment_490" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Laurel Miller, Guided Passage Birth Companion"]Laurel Miller uses YourDoulaBiz to run her doula business[/caption]

Meet YourDoulaBiz user, Laurel Miller

Laurel  lives in Ferndale, Michigan (about 10 minutes from downtown Detroit).

Business Name:  Guided Passage Birth Companion

YourDoulaBiz user since: 2012

Types of Services you provide: Birth Doula, Birth Assistant, Placenta Services, Reiki

A little something about you: I am 25, married for almost 4 years, and am a rare doula without kids. I love being a doula and a student midwife. I dreamed of birth from a young age and it is my calling, my passion and my life.

What you like about YourDoulaBiz: Easy to use, helps me stay organized and on top of my tasks, convenient to track expenses and mileage. I feel like it's an amazing tool for birth workers!

While not working you can find Laurel: Cooking, meditating, singing, dancing, enjoying the outdoors, playing with my dogs and cats, studying, and spending time with friends and family.


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