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December 3rd - YourDoulaBiz User - Lisa Sumlak

December 02, 2012

Lisa Sumlak

Lisa Sumlak, Serene Mama Birth Doula Services

Meet YourDoulaBiz user, Lisa Sumlak

Lisa  lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Business Name:  Serene Mama Birth Doula Services 

YourDoulaBiz user since: April 2012

Types of Services you provide: Doula Services & Placenta Encapsulation

A little something about you: I'm a doula in a busy partnership, a mum to two wee munchkins and a wife to an amazingly adaptable and supportive guy!

What you like about YourDoulaBiz: Before working with women in childbirth, I was a dental assistant and got accustomed to taking in depth notes during appointments. What really attracted me to YourDoulaBiz was the ability to keep complex files for each of my clients organized and at my fingertips. Since I work with a partner, being able to share information quickly has been a godsend - especially when a call comes in that a baby is brewing. I can check the client's file on YourDoulaBiz for last minute updates and be out the door!

While not working you can find Lisa: Hanging out with my husband and kids, de-stressing in hot yoga or wandering a bookstore with a very large coffee.

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