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December 6th - YourDoulaBiz User - Heather Keeney

December 06, 2012

[caption id="attachment_534" align="aligncenter" width="238" caption="Heather Kenney, Ordinary Miracles Doula & Birth Services"]Heather Kenney[/caption]

Meet YourDoulaBiz user, Heather Keeney

Heather lives in Philadelphia, PA

Business Name:  Ordinary Miracles Doula & Birth Services

YourDoulaBiz user since: March 2012

Types of Services you provide: I presently offer birth doula services and childbirth education; in 2013, I will also be offering postpartum doula services.

A little something about you:  Like the woman in that song from the 90's with the naughty name, I'm a little bit of everything all rolled into one!  I am a mama to 3 boys of my own, ages 2, 3.5 and 17, and one deranged Siamese cat.  I love to read, I love beer, and I love anything handmade and crafty!  I strive for a moderate and accepting point of view when it comes to the birth work I do.  It's not about my own passionate beliefs in natural birth (which are very much there!), but about helping my clients explore their own feelings and beliefs so they can make their own informed decisions about their birth time... and then supporting those decisions with non-judgemental love, whatever they may be.

What you like about YourDoulaBiz: Everything!  YourDoulaBiz has been a godsend for my poor, disorganized self!  I love having a place to record all of my client's info that doesn't require me to carry a file around with me; in a pinch, as long as I have my smartphone (which I ALWAYS have), I have everything I need.  I love being able to enter my back-up doula's info so all I have to do is click a button to share a client's info if need be, and being able to keep track of appointments and mileage helps keep me all together.  YourDoulaBiz has become the foundation of my paperless file system.

While not working you can find Heather: Crocheting!  I have a small handmade business as well (making baby things), and I spend pretty much all of my spare time working on items for that.  I also love to read. :)

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