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December 9th - YourDoulaBiz User - Anaïs McKinney

December 09, 2012

[caption id="attachment_556" align="aligncenter" width="561" caption="Anaïs McKinney, : Roaring Mama Doula Services"]Anaïs McKinney[/caption]

Meet YourDoulaBiz user, Anaïs McKinney

Anaïs lives in Cincinnati, Ohio

Business Name: Roaring Mama Doula Services

YourDoulaBiz user since: April 2012

Types of Services you provide: Birth Doula, Belly Cast, Birth Photography

A little something about you: I am originally from Nantes, France. I have lived in the United States since 2006 with my husband Brian. My son's birth in 2010 was a very powerful experience emotionally, physically and spiritually. It made me very passionate about mamas, papas, and babies! It also made me realize that not everyone was as supported as I had been through labor and birth. I decided I could provide that support for growing families, and make a difference in the way these families are born. And each time I am invited to a birth, and get to witness their first moments together, I am completely humbled and honored. There are no words to describe how rewarding that is!

What you like about YourDoulaBiz: It helps me stay organized and keep track of my birth stats, mileage, and costs. It is very simple to use. I love that I can see really quickly my upcoming appointments, keep track of payments, and see how many availabilities I have left.

While not working you can find Anaïs: I am crazy about crafts of all types! I love sewing, knitting, and I have a new found love for Waldorf crafts for my little guy.

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