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YourDoulaBiz User - Cynthya Dzialo

December 11, 2012

Meet YourDoulaBiz user, Cynthya Dzialo

Cynthya lives in Atlanta, GA

Business Name: The Happiest Doula

YourDoulaBiz user since: The beginning, I was a test user!

Types of Services you provide: Birth Doula Support

A little something about you: I work as a full-time doula and support at least one labor per week, usually 4 or 5 birthdays per calendar month. Some months, I get invited to attend more birthday parties than normal! I am almost always on-call. I am a mama to one cat and two pups and also run a small business called Soba-Pop Ink (, which sells baby onesies with a unique graphic or type.

What you like about YourDoulaBiz:  It is so easy for me to log-in and look at a snapshot of client data in one spot. I find that it is simple for me to see any outstanding payments, pending interviews, etc. I like that I can cut-and-paste birth plan information and easily share client records with my wonderful back-up doulas. I tell every doula or birth professional about the program!

While not working you can find Cynthya: Between births, interviews and postpartum follow-ups, I'm almost always working! :-) My free moments are spent walking the park with my pups, pinning on Pinterest, practicing darts or getting a well-deserved mani/pedi or massage session. I've also been trying to learn how to sew and crochet for several years without really building the skills to produce anything practical but both are fun distractions.

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