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Doulas and Partners - Working Together for Maximum Support!


One of my favorite topics to discuss during a prenatal appointment is the partner's role at the birth.  I want to know whether the partner desires to be the main support person with me giving guidance or whether the partner prefers to just 'be' in the room.  Often times the partner hasn't really given it a lot of thought or maybe didn't know that they had options for their role.
The presence of a doula allows the support person to have options!  The doula takes pressure off the partner by keeping track of labor.  The partner can hold mamas hand for hours without having to worry about timing contractions, think about position changes or remember to turn the lights off after the OB leaves the room.  Doulas allow partners to have a quick bathroom break or meal without leaving mama alone.
I have heard from many couples that while their partners were supportive of having a doula at the labor/birth that they didn't really see the need.  In the end, the same partners were thrilled to have the doula at the birth and never wanted to give birth without one!  Doulas and partners work together to provide great support for mamas in labor.
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