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Where's the Eject button?

February 22, 2013



Hospital beds are so fancy.  They have buttons for everything. You can call the nurse, turn on a light and sometimes control the TV. They go up they go down, they can even turn into a chair.

I'd like to add an "Eject" button!

Nurses tend to ask mom to get in the bed as soon as she changes into her gown.  They seem to prefer mom in bed during monitoring periods and I have even heard of moms being restricted to the bed in cases of induction.  Is the bed really the best place for labor? NO!  And that is why I want an "eject" button to be added to hospital beds.

Let's get moms up and moving around.  Lamaze International feels so strongly about movement in labor that it is one of their 6 healthy birth practices.  There have been numerous studies that say movement in labor can make labor itself shorter and more efficient.  We don't need research to know that contraction pain is usually greater when women are lying on their backs.  All we need to do is observe women in labor.  Doulas, how many times have you seen a woman get out of the bed an immediately start coping better?

If being active and moving around in labor is so beneficial, they why isn't it prescribed to women in labor?  Movement is GOOD.  Encourage women to move.  It is that easy. to call Hill Rom and ask about that 'Eject' button...

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Utah Doula | Weekly Roundup of Web Links | Andrea Lythgoe Doula Salt Lake City Utah

March 13, 2013

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