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8 Ways to Increase your Brand Visibility (??) as Doula

October 17, 2013

Doula Business Tips Brand Visibility

by. Sarah Juliusson 

Before you freak out on me even using the term “Brand Visibility”, let’s take a moment to explore what I’m referring to.  Within the context of doula care this means that people in your community have plenty of chances to make a connection between your personal name or business name, your brand image (logo, colors, vibe) and the work that you do.

One of the rules of effective marketing is that potential clients need to have multiple encounters with your practice before hiring you.  This is especially true when compared to hiring a plumber; families are inviting you into an incredibly intimate life event.  Each encounter adds to their understanding of who you are as a doula and the nature of your care.

As you develop your marketing strategy, keep in mind these ten simple ways to increase your brand visibility in your community:

1.  Develop your Business Name and Look

Choosing a business name and look that truly represent you isn’t easy, but will make a big difference for your practice in the long run.  As you develop your logo and choose brand colors, get feedback from friends and family who know you well.  Your logo can be as simple as your business name written using a stylized font.

2.  Business Cards

These can be simple, but be sure they reflect your practice.  Using a stock business card template means that the local plumber could have an identical card to yours!  It is worth a bit of money to invest in a card that is unique to your brand.  Carry them Everywhere you go.  A sweet handmade business card holder is a nice touch.

3.  Rack Cards

Larger than a business card, these 4x6 or 4x9 cards offer increased visibility when included in the rack at the midwife office, and the larger size offers more room to share important information about your practice.

4.  Thank You & Holiday Cards

Why sent out stock greeting cards when you could be mailing something that represents your practice?  For example, a simple 5x7 card could include a favorite birth quote, your logo, and a favorite cookie recipe.  This could be sent to clients or care providers as a thank you note together with a fresh batch of cookies.

5.  Birth Ball Cover and Rice Sacks

Take a look through your doula supplies to identify new branding opportunities.  Unique Logo Rice Sock Covers and Birth Ball Covers from Your Doula Bag are an awesome simple way to be sure hospital staff have a chance to associate your incredible doula skills with your brand.

6.  Stickers

Remember how much you loved stickers in grade five?  Now you can have your very own sticker designed with your logo!  Use these on the books in your lending library, client handout folders, and on the back of envelopes when you mail out business cards.

7.  Blog Posts

One of the best ways to increase your brand visibility is writing great content on your blog that people will want to share.  Even better?  A good post will be shared again and again, so one article can serve you for years to come.

8.  Social Media

While having an active facebook page for your practice is always a good step (check out our free call on using facebook to grow your birth business next month!), consider expanding to include Pinterest as a creative way to share your brand vibe.  Here’s a great example.


2  more ways to increase brand visibility...keeping reading!

9.  Collaborate

Look for creative ways to collaborate with other birth professionals such as planning a workshop or a community birth and baby fair.  Consider offering a special offer or discount card branded with your business name and logo to favorite practitioners whose clients would be a great match for your practice.

10.  Show Up

Remember that You are the very best representative of your brand as a doula.  Let yourself be visible at the local birth fair, observe a prenatal class, accompany clients to prenatal appointments, attend local trainings and workshops, join the local doula network.  At each of these, remember that you are representing your practice and share your unique voice as a doula.

Sarah Juliusson of Birth your Business is a Birth Business Doula, nurturing birth professionals with seasoned mentoring and practical support, providing a strong foundation as you birth your business.  Check out her free Holistic Marketing for Birth Professionals guide.  You can find Birth your Business online at, and on facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.  

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