My Doula Dream - Inspiration in the Labor Room


Doula Decor - You Are Strong Enough

I have a doula dream.

It's a small dream that I believe could achieve a huge result.

I want to remove all of the pain scale posters that plague the laboring rooms of hospitals around the world and replace them with inspirational messages and images.  Wouldn't it be inspiring in labor to look up and see a sign like this one?   Would anyone really miss the sign with the smiley face that eventually turns into a frowning and crying face?

Let's inspire women during labor.

Let's boost their confidence and be their cheerleader.

I'm going to start with one of my local hospitals.  I can't be sure that I'll make any headway, but I know that it won't happen if I don't try.

Care to join me in this effort?

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  • Alice (
    Alice (

    MIKE- Do you think that doctors can’t determine a patient’s pain levels without a smiley sign? I think they are more skilled than that. My point is that inspiration would be a benefit in the labor room.

  • mike

    As much as that would indeed be an inspiring thing for women in labor, I don’t think the removal of the Smiley Pain sign would be a good thing. Doctors use it to help better determine how much pain their patients are in, which can affect what medicine or operation they may need, and while it’s rather relative to each patient, it’s better than nothing.

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