End of Blogtober Special Doula Sale


Hello blogtober readers!

We have had a great time with our doula blog a day in October and want to have some fun on this last blog.  The first 5 people to comment on this post by telling us which of our posts was their favorite will get a free doula bumper sticker!

Now...on to our Blogtober Special Doula Sale Items.  All sale prices are good through the end of 10/31/2013 at midnight Pacific Time.

1) Portable Ice Bin regular price $11.50 is on special for $7.50 today!

Great Doula Tool - Portable Ice Bin


2) Labor NotesPad regular price $15.50 is on special for $10.50 today!

Great Doula Tool - Labor Notespad


 3) Doula World Birth Ball Cover regular price $49.50 is on special for $36.50 today!

]Doula World Ball Cover

Seen here on a peanut, but fits 65cm round too.

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Comments 5
  • Robin Selvera
    Robin Selvera

    I love my Dr will ofer me narcotics in labor but not a sip of water. Its so spot on.

  • Jessica Dresser
    Jessica Dresser

    I also loved the one about who should be at your birth. It’s something that I’ve struggled with with all 5 of my children!!

  • Doula Sophie
    Doula Sophie

    I love the “dont watch the pot” post as it reminds me of many of my clients who are expats in The Netherlands (europe) and have The huge issue of wrestlong with parents wanting to come over and stay for The birth. In my birth preparation i must spend at least half an hour talking about this, sometimes more. Love all your posts though and am excited as i am almost busy enough to make it worth using your doula biz program which I have had my eye on for the best part of a year :-)

  • Sara

    I liked the reminder to invest in professional head shots, something I’ve been putting ff for a long time :)

  • Rachel Brown
    Rachel Brown

    I liked the blog about who should be at your birth and why. I like the quick quiz you provided. Sometimes it is hard for clients to choose and to say “No, thank you” :)

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