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Doula Data - 7 Steps to Achieving Nirvana

March 21, 2016

Doula Data - 7 Steps to Achieving Nirvana

Doula Data It's not a requirement to be a master at data management in order to be a good doula.  But, having a good system to store and retrieve your data will help you run your business and serve your clients better. 

I started out with a very disorganized system.  Mine began with a series of spreadsheets and a few paper files.  The spreadsheets were cumbersome and didn't allow me to access my data when I was out of the office.  If I forgot a client's address on the way to her house I was out of luck.  Keeping up with paper birth records and contract was also not my strength and soon were lost in a pile 'to sort'.  My system was a wreck.  However in the past few years, I've perfected my own system and would like to share my thoughts on how to achieve nirvana with your doula data.

7 Steps to Doula Data Nirvana

1.Organized Plan

2.Easy to enter

3.Easy to retrieve

4.Keeping the right pieces of data

5.NOT keeping non-essential data

6.Keeping data safe

7.Keeping data secure


It is very important to realize that your data management system is only as good as the data that you put into it. A system must be used in order to work. Many people fail with this important step. They get something setup and then they don’t integrate it into their daily work. The result is a failed system. Please don’t make this mistake. I highly recommend taking the time and making an effort to make your data management system into a business habit.

Once you have a system that you have worked with for a while, I recommend periodically evaluating it. Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1) Are you tracking information that isn't needed?

2) Is there information that you are missing?

3) Can you access your data easily?


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July 28, 2016

Hi Alice ~ I’m on your list and enjoy following you on Twitter and reading your emails. I’d love to see your data system. My doula practice is but one piece of the puzzle for me. I see women before pregnancy thru 6 months postpartum using yoga, meditation, hypnosis, and Ayurveda. It’s be nice to see a successful system. Thanks! And keep up the good work!

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