Why cover your birth ball? Tips for packing your hospital bag.

Is a cover for the birth ball really necessary?  Well maybe not, but in this short video you will see some of the reasons why I think it is not only a good idea, but a great tip for doula and mamas packing their hospital bags. 


 Do you use a ball cover?  Please share your experience below!

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  • Alice Turner
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  • Myrna

    The video did not show up. Am I doing something wrong or was it available for a short time?

  • Alice Turner (Owner YourDoulaBag)
    Alice Turner (Owner YourDoulaBag)

    Yes, I definitely keep the cover on while mom uses it. I machine wash it after EVERY birth even if mom barely touched it. I haven’t had many blood stains, but so far everything has come out easily in the wash. I do throw a towel/pad on the ball even when the cover is on if mom is going to sit on the ball.

  • Shalene Massie
    Shalene Massie

    So, you keep the cover on when laboring momma is using it? Do you clean it after every birth? How do you get blood out of it?

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