Doula Bag Items - Our Top 5 Must Haves


Doula Bag - 5 Must Have Items

After doula training is done, the doula bag seems to be the next project to tackle.  Your list of items will likely evolve as you get more experience.  Many doulas start out carrying a lot of items and then end up with a lean bag.  Sometime I even hear doulas say that they don't carry any tools in their bags but instead carry items just for themselves.  

My bag has definitely changed through the years, but there are 5 items that I feel are my must haves.  



What do you think are your doula bag must have items? I would love to find out! Please click on the 'comment' link on the side of the blog and share your knowledge.

Also, we are happy to send you our list if you would like. Click here!  

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  • Alice Turner
Comments 3
  • Tishsa

    Thank you for your advice. I really liked your video!

  • Naomi

    I love how your toss it, lol! Good call on headphones and charger. I totally bring lip balm as well :-) Gotta get the little gift.

  • Laura

    How do i become a Lamaze instructor? i’m in California

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