Standing out in the Doula Profession


As the doula profession grows it might seem difficult to stand out among the other awesome, eager faces also looking for new clients.  One way to stand out in your profession is to point out the qualities that make you different.  Let your customers know what makes you special, unique and interesting.  You can add photos and descriptions to your website and marketing materials to get this point across. 

I took a photo on my way to a birth recently and realized that this photo really says a lot about me.  

being a unique doula 5 things this photo says about me:

1) Doula Bumper Sticker - I love being a doula so much that I put a "DOULA" bumper sticker on my family van.  I am proud to show the world that I am a doula

2) City of Atlanta -  I have lived in Atlanta the vast majority of my life and I live and work here now.  I attend births at most of the Atlanta area hospital, especially the ones in the city. (Parked on the deck of Emory University Midtown Hospital in the photo)

3) Top of the Parking Deck - I prefer parking on the top deck at hospital garages because it helps me remember where I have parked.  I have many other habits to make the profession more routine.  When you know that you might be leaving the hospital in a sleep deprived state it is good to have some routines in place.

4) Doula Bag with "Doulas Celebrate Labor Day Every Day" button - I carry a bold red backpack filled with items that I might use to help support a mom.  I tell my clients that I carry most of the tools that they might need in labor.  Having a filled doula bag speaks to my other job as an owner of a doula products company (  My backpack sports a "Doulas Celebrate Labor Day Every Day" button just for fun and a little humor (both I try to bring into my doula practice). 

5) Birth Ball wearing an orange floral cover - I carry a birth ball so that I know that my client will have one that is properly sized and inflated for labor.  To make carrying it easier, I cover my ball with a orange floral cover.  This cover is both practical and cute.  I consider myself very practical and I can't help but want to show my personality a bit.  I am not afraid to be noticed while walking into the hospital. 

 How do you stand out in the profession?  Do you have a photo that will tell the story?  Please add a comment with a link to your doula "stand out story".

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  • Alice Turner
Comments 3
  • Katie Harvey
    Katie Harvey

    Sorry – that was not supposed to be a question about your business. It should have been a smiley face!

  • Katie Harvey
    Katie Harvey

    Just recently became a doula and came across your site.
    Love the products & blogging!!
    Can’t wait to make my first purchase!
    You have a great thing going with this business ?

  • Brandi Ashford
    Brandi Ashford

    I am just starting out on my doula so no link to show my specialness but I love having this to help me add that to my website as soon as I get it going! And can I say how awesome it is to read your in Atlanta?! I’m in Savannah ? thanks for all the info you provide! Love that I found your site!

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