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Goal Setting for My Doula Business

December 03, 2015

Goal Setting for My Doula Business

As doulas, we do a lot of juggling.  Most of us offer many services, live a life on call and have a family that would like to see us too.  How do you do it?  Is a question that I am often asked.  One task that is essential in running and growing my business is GOAL SETTING. 

Goal Setting - What my process looks like

My first year of goal setting looked a lot like dreaming.  I was more focused on big dreams and less focused on the steps to get there.  Since then, I have refined my goal setting process.  I am now better at setting smaller goals.  When those smaller goals are achieved the bigger goals are next on the list!

Doula Business Planning2016 is the fourth year that I have used Leonie Dawson's Create Your Shining Year Workbooksas the primary tool in my goal setting process.  I love the workbooks so much that I am an affiliate** for the product.  As an affiliate, I promote the product because I use it myself and believe it.  

I'll admit, the first year I purchased the workbooks I didn't really fill it out.  I went through and filled out the easy pages, then put it on my shelf and went about my day to day tasks.  About halfway through the year I pulled the workbook out and was disappointed that I didn't fill the whole thing out.  The second year, I was much better at filling it out, but didn't check back in with it that often.  Last year I got it right!  I scheduled time into my calendar to fill out the workbook (several 2 hours sessions over a few weeks).  Then I scheduled more time to review the workbook on a regular basis throughout the year.  HOORAY!  This made such a change in my business.  

In case you were wondering...just buying the workbooks doesn't actual make real change in your business!  You have to put in the time and effort. 

New for 2016 - Goal Setting Webinars

I heard from many doulas that they love the Create Your Shining Year workbooks too so I thought it would be fun to set goals together.  Everyone that purchases a workbook through my affiliate linkwill be invited to 3 goal setting webinars that will take place between late December and mid-January.  

How do you do it? I love hearing about how everyone sets goals.  If you have a goal setting routine please share with a comment. Maybe you don't have a goal setting routine yet.  That's okay too!  Consider grabbing a workbook and joining me for the free goal setting webinars.  It will be a great jump start on this important process. 

 ** as an affiliate I receive a portion of all sales that I refer through the links on this page and in the video

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Jessica Buche
Jessica Buche

December 21, 2015

Hi Alice! I love all your videos! Just purchased the biz planning guide off your web page. How do I get signed up for your webinars on it?! Thanks!!

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