Doula Bag Starter Pack

Product Description

The Doula Bag Starter Pack contains 10 great items to get your doula bag started off right!

1) Labor Massage Oil - Deep moisture for labor massage; scent-free! 

2) Portable Ice Bin - Keep washcloths ready to go in an ice bath

3) Combs for Acupressure - great tool to try!

4) Rice Sock - nice way to apply direct heat

5) Battery Operated Candle - wonderful for setting up a peaceful mood

6) Doula Button - show your doula pride!

7) 10 Happy Birthing Day Postcards - updated design! 5 pink and 5 blue cards included, with envelopes

8) 10 Honey sticks - quick sugar rush!

9) 5 Dum Dum Lollipops - quick sugar fix for mom, partner and doula too

$66.29 If purchased separately 

Starter Pack Price $49.99


$49.99 USD $66.29 USD

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