Simkin’s Ratings of Comfort Measures for Childbirth

Product Description
This booklet uses Penny’s rating system to explain 18 different ways to relieve pain in labor, including both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic methods. Highlighting both drug-free methods and methods using drugs, physical therapist Penny Simkin presents ratings for 19 different ways to relieve pain during labor. The booklet explains the rating system and features clear black-and-white illustrations as it discusses a variety of methods. Covers non-pharmacologic methods, including baths and showers, massage and touch, breathing and self-calming measures, and more. Also discusses pharmacologic methods, including intravenous and intramuscular narcotics, epidural or spinal narcotic or narcotic-like drugs, light epidural and combined spinal-epidural blocks, and more. Great for educating expectant parents about a variety of pain-relief options. 24 pages.
$12.00 USD

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