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Business Resource Guide


Epidural? 6 Ways a Doula Can Provide Support Infographic

All moms can benefit from the help of a birth doula, even moms planning an epidural! We know this is true, but sometimes it is hard to explain what we do when mom gets an epidural.  I have created this handy infographic to explain 6 of the ways doulas can support a mom with an epidural. This is a high-quality image file can be used with your clients, prospective clients or anyone needing more information about this important topic.

 Doulas & Partners Infographic

I have created this infographic to quickly and easily demonstrate the relationship between doula and partners. I want everyone to know that when doulas and partners work together, the birthing mom has great support!  This is a high-quality PDF file available for printing and distributing to your network. It can also be distributed electronically via an email attachment as well.

 Childbirth Education vs. Wedding Preparation

Childbirth Education vs. Wedding Preparation as been one of our most popular infographics and we are now making it available to everyone.  It is a simple message, but makes quite a statement.



Mad Mimi - This email service provider is beyond easy to use and free for the first 100 contacts. (Love it so much that I'm an affiliate)

Piktochart - I have created loads of infographics with this site.  While I have a paid account, there are many free themes. Some of the infographics that I have created on this site include: Birth Ball Guide, Pinterest for Birth Professionals, Doulas Charge What you are WorthCreate a Peaceful Birthing EnvironmentEpidural? 6 Ways a Doula Can Support and Visitors at Your Birth?

YourDoulaBiz - It's probably not a surprise that I use our doula business management system to manage my own doula business!  It keeps all of the doula data completely organized. 

Doula Backup Contract - Get your doula backup relationship setup securely with this contract. 

ShipStation - If you ship packages on a regular basis, this is an awesome program to use.  It made my life as a small business entrepreneur SO much easier. (Love it so much that I'm an affiliate)


Word Swag - Ceate fun images with words for Instagram. Follow me and see for yourself! 

WinStreak - This super simple app lets you enter your WINS for each day.  I feel super accomplished when I am able to fill up the day with completely tasks. 

Google Drive - Transferring photos and files can't get any easier than using this app.  I love it.

iMovie - So far I have recorded all of my videos with my iPhone and edited them with iMovie. It's very user friendly.  I'm a huge fan.