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Join me and make a difference

January 19, 2012

Earlier this month, two great maternal health activists and bloggers (Hillary and Jeanette) asked me to help out with a fundraiser to help send certified nurse midwife, Karen Feltham to Haiti.  I said YES right away, even before reading all of the great background information that they provided.  Why did I jump at this opportunity?  Well, being a doula can sometimes be frustrating.  We often see change in small ways (one birth at a time), but it’s rare to see big change.  Here’s my chance to make a bigger change. 

As we all know, Haiti was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck January 12, 2010.  This country that had a lot of challenges (to say the least) before the earthquake occurred was devastated after this event.  One of the first things to go during disasters such as these is basic care for women during the childbearing year.   A wonderful non-profit group called Circle of Health International has a mission to fill this need.  This is the group working to bring Karen Feltham and other trained professionals like her to areas in crisis.

The original goal of the fundraiser was to raise $1000 to send Karen back to Haiti. Guess what, it’s already been done!  BUT WAIT, this fundraiser isn’t over yet!  So what am I asking for exactly?  I would like for you to consider making some type of donation to COHI.  We have raised enough for Karen’s trip, but how about other areas of need.  We know there are plenty of women all over the world that need help.  COHI has been involved in places such as Sri Lanka, Tibet, Sudan and even Louisiana.   Extra funds will be used to send Karen or another volunteer to the next area in need.

Here is my question to you: Can you spare just 1% of what you made with your last client? If your fee was $600, could you send just $6 to COHI? 

Quick facts:

    • COHIis a great organization.  Seriously, this is a group that you’ll be impressed with.  Find out  more through their handy Facebook page.
    • Donations can be made through Indiegogo.  This is a totally legit fundraising site.
    • You’ll feel good about your donation!


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