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7 years


February of 2004 I attended a DONA doula training and forever my life was changed.  After months of researching the doula profession and talking to my husband, family and friends, I decided to take the plunge and become a doula.  Once the training began, there was no question that I had made the right decision.

My doula training was wonderful.  My eyes were opened to this exciting career that was perfect for me.  I love helping people and was a certified birth and breastfeeding junkie.   My doula trainer, Rae Davies, was excellent.  I hung on her every word and soaked the information up like a giant sponge.  Each night when I returned home I was exhausted from the day, but so thrilled to be following my passion.

In the 7 years since my training, I have attended nearly 100 births as a doula.  I have had two wonderful home water births myself.  I became certifed as a Lamaze childbirth educator.  I created and run a doula products company and launched a doula business management program.  My life is completely doula focused.  Birth is my business and I love it. 

I am so lucky to have found my passion.  Bring on the next seven years, I can't wait!

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  • Hillary

    Happy doula anniversary!

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