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Covering your Birth Ball

April 12, 2012

For 5 years I carried my birth ball to births without a cover.  It was incredibly awkward.  There were many times when I would lose my grip and the ball would go bouncing down the hallway or worse the parking garage.  I was quite a site when I was pregnant and carrying my ball.  Despite these challenges I still liked bringing my own ball.  Even though most hospitals in my area provide a birth ball to mamas that want one, I still bring mine along.  Why?  My first reason is that I usually I meet my clients at their homes and labor there for awhile.  We can use the ball there even if they don’t have their own.  Secondly, the balls at the hospital are often lost or not pumped up enough.   One hospital here even charges their patients $150 for a brand new ball in the box!  Bringing my own ball assures me that we will have one ready to go if we choose to use it.

[caption id="attachment_88" align="alignright" width="150" caption="This isn't easy!"]Akward![/caption]

Along came the birth ball cover.

Since I was set on bringing my birth ball to labors, I needed a ball cover!  I had seen covers before, but I never liked the baggy look of them.  I am a fabric junkie and had some swimsuit material lying around.  I tested it on the ball and our ball cover was born!  The birth ball coveris now the top selling item on our site.  All of our covers have a bit of stretch so that they cling nicely to the ball.

Why should you cover your ball?

Covering the birth ball makes it so much easier to carry.  The handle allows you to just sling the ball over your shoulder.  The material is stretchy and can easily work with a backpack on your back as well.  The cover also provides a soft barrier between mama and the plastic ball.   Don’t get me wrong, I still cover the ball with towels and chux pads if mama is leaking at all!  If there is no leaking and mama is leaning over the ball the cover is quite soft.  I have even had moms that like to hold onto the handle during contractions. 

Even if you don't bring your own ball, it is nice to have a cover in your doula bag to cover the hospital ball or our clients ball.  I hear from doulas all of the time about how many compliments they get on their covers.  The covers really make a statement!  Did I mention that they are really cute?  Why not have a little fun while working!

[caption id="attachment_83" align="alignright" width="225" caption="Your Logo Here!"]Create a Cover with Your Business Logo[/caption]

The birth ball cover as a marketing tool 

We are now able to offer a custom logo birth ball cover.  You can send your business logo to us and we will create a ball cover with it printed on it. Our logo covers are made out of a super soft 100% organic cotton.  With the logo cover you can market your business while you carry and use your ball.  Attending a birth fair?  This is a great eye catcher.  Hang your birth ball with your logo cover on the side of your booth and you are ready to attract attention!


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