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July Doula Tips – Day 2 – Interviewing Tips

July 03, 2012

During the month of July we will be featuring a new 'Doula Tip' a day on Facebook.  Our Facebook fans will be giving their tips on each daily topic and we will publish them here.  At the end of July we will have a great list compiled here and on Facebook too.  I encourage everyone to join in the fun!

Day 2 - Interviewing

My interviewing tip -

When interviewing, choose a public location close to you and meet your clients there every time. Meeting at the same location makes record keeping easy (same mileage, expenses, etc.). If the client wants to interview you, they should be willing to come to you!

Our Facebook fans had very different tips -

Amanda Smith ?....or they'll just interview doulas that will come to them. I thought doulas were supposed to be flexible and personal. Just saying: as a very soon to be doula myself, one of the great things about doulas is that they are NOT healthcare professionals, they're more personal, they're just for you and your experience. :)

Krystal Reynolds I prefer the first meeting to be at a public place too. For safety reasons. You never know if someone is who they say they are, and until you meet them, it's best to have the first meeting in a safe, public spot. I like coffee shops.

Moncton Doula Kaitlin White I agree with Krystal! I also prefer the first meeting to be in a public place purely for safety reasons. My usual go to meeting spot is a coffee shop....and I think it's easy to be flexible and meet the potential clients at a coffee shop of their choice (close to their home). Its easy to find a nice quiet corner to sit, enjoy a bevy, and get to know eachother. I also think meeting outside the home takes pressure off of the potential clients to have you to their home, for them to have to worry about cleaning up, offering you something to drink etc. However, I have had the rare client who is very reserved and private and who only felt comfortable meeting at their home. In this case i've done the initial interview at their home!

Mandi Maher I always ask them where they want to meet. Most times they come to my house, and my husband is here to watch the kids while we have a chat, so I'm not too concerned with safety. But, I have met In various places, and it's always where they want :)

Tomecas Gibson Thomas I prefer a public place on the first meet as well. However, it hasn't took place in that manner. Most of my clients came to me by word of mouth or family friend. So I would always were invited to come to their place of residence. Or they would come to my home. So when the day comes that I take a client that I don't know, I will meet in a public place.

Kat 'Robertson' Lawton I prefer to let the mom or couple decide on a place. That way, they see me from the first moment as enabling their choices and options for their birth experience.

Felina Hayes-Baggett I try to find a location convenient to both of us...preferably one with a Starbucks! :-)

Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy I also let the client pick the location, they feel comfortable and I can accommodate them. I do try to meet in the same place every time after.

Emily Power-Tucker I don't think I have ever met a client in a public place - I have always met in their home. Mind you, I tend to make initial communication either by word of mouth or via facebook. And even some who have not been referrals, have turned out to know some of my past clients or be friends of people I am friends with. I always ask my clients what would work easier for them. Some have kids and need to be at home. I find that being in their homes allows them to be open with me and ask questions they may not feel comfortable asking in a coffee shop. I have only had one woman request to meet me in a coffee shop and she "stood me up". (Actually, she had sent me an email which I didn't see till after I had been to the coffee shop, bought myself a drink and sat waiting for her for 30 min.) She never got in touch with me again...

Cynthya Dzialo I have a set place nearby my home. This allows clients to see how long it may take me to get to them in labor. Also, having them drive to me Shows me that they are interested since they are investing more time. In the past, if they suggested a midpoint or a location closer to them, I'd accommodate them but they usually didn't hire me. I did this recently and that woman hasn't even responded to my follow-up email. Rude! I won't change location anytime soon. I heard that in NYC, doulas charge a meet n greet fee. I'm thinking about trying it too if there is a request for location change.

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