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July Doula Tips - Day 4 - Take care of yourself!

July 15, 2012

Self care is very important. If you burn out then you won't be of use to anyone. I highly recommend Keep the Fires Burning by Micky Jones.

How to you recharge your doula batteries?

Eileen Roberts Homebirths.

Eileen Roberts Really awesome clients who just make you vibrate with excitement.

Eileen Roberts Trips home to see my Mom in Nova Scotia.

Nicole McKay I make time to do something for me everyday, even if it is just breathing. Usually though, yoga class, a nice walk outdoors, or a few moments with a book.

Love, Your Doula | Doula Services I had the honor of being DONA trained by Micky last month (I LOVED her!). I'm so happy I bought this book!


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