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July Doula Tips - Day 5 - Stock your doula bag with snacks.

July 15, 2012

Stock your doula bag with snacks. Having your own snacks available at your reach is crucial during a long labor. I like things that can quickly be eaten like bananas, honey sticks and power bars. I definitely avoid foods that have an odor.

What are your favorite snacks?

  • Jessica Payne Homemade Larabars! Process 1 cup of almonds, 1/4 cup of raisons, and 10 pitted dates together. Mold into bars and keep in the freezer. Pull a few out when you get called to a birth!

  • Amie Scharfe O'Neill I pack protein bars and fresh, raw almonds. I also drink a protein shake as I'm heading out the door.

  • Melissa Anderson Johnson I bring natural turkey sticks and coconut water

  • Reema Elizabeth Make ur own honey roasted almonds! Yummy as can be!

  • Mary Karl-Gruswitz Trail mix, peanut butter crackers, coconut water, recharge.

  • Amy DeGraw Peterson Almonds. I like the diamond brand flavored - chocolate or toffee. I also carry miso soup packets and Emergen - C . since you can always get water....

  • Kat 'Robertson' Lawton cliff bars or homemade lactation cookies

  • Jaya Dohm muslie bars.

  • Sue Rattray Banana,trail mix with extra almonds!

  • Jenn Parker Johnson Emergen-c, cliff mojo bars, almonds, sometimes a soup-to-go

  • Krystal Reynolds Raw almonds

  • Kristina Tung Granola bars!

  • Moncton Doula Kaitlin White Juice box, agave or honey sticks, bananas, protein bars :)

  • April Burt Opoka Trail mix, glucerna shake w/ 15g protein (I'm hypoglycemic so I have to watch it), peanut butter crackers, Emergen-C, some kind of jerkey

  • Judi Amico I always keep peppermints in mine, so after I eat something I pop a peppermint.

  • Amanda Goemans-Beaver Doula I was just recently at a 27 hour labour and had Soup 2 go and Pudding Cups along with a few honey sticks and Emergen C.

  • Wouldntyou Liketoknow Soyjoy bars, granola, dried mango, dried strawberries (sooo good), fruit, frozen grapes (moms love them too).

  • Corey Ishler Strouse Trail mix, granola bars, Emergen-c, honey sticks.

  • Felina Hayes-Baggett I take mixed nuts, dried fruit, a banana and string cheese regularly, but I also take a tiny bit of chocolate...I need the additional sugar and

  • Shauna Rich Granola bars, nuts, honey, tea & mints

  • Mandy Patrick homemade fruit leathers, jerky's, carrot sticks. I'm a tea snob, so i also would have matcha.... most caffeine ever and a boost to the immune system

  • Nicole McKay Larabars and almonds are a staple in my bag. Fruit is also an easy grab on the way out the door, especially banana.

  • Anaïs McKinney trail mix, coconut water, bagels, tea.

  • Christine Ten Eyck Myers Protein bars, nuts, chocolate covered espresso bean nibs, kombucha energy shot, and dried fruit.

  • LeeAnn Murray Lara bars, water, coffee, fruit, and gum are my staples :)

  • Stephanie Aho Doula Banguilan My standards are granola/ protein bars, trail mix and instant star bucks coffee.

  • Jackson Doula what great ideas!I take dried fruit, and some kid juice boxs/gummy snacks:)

  • Erica Delmore Doula I keep honey stix, mini clif bars, and rice crackers in my bag.

  • Nancy Hanson JadeGreen to give me some energy and nutrients, no bake energy bites, tea packets, PiMag water bottle, Honey Stix

  • Mike Tessa D'Elia Awesome ideas! Wanted to share a great way to keep honey sticks.. They fit nicely in a travel container for toothbrushes. Thanks! T

  • Stephanie Eckhardt Kinser granola, fruit, cheese sticks,

  • Jackie Dives Lara Bars, Veggies, Nuts, Honey Sticks, Tea, Coconut Water, Juice.

  • Hillary Foster I try to grab a banana or apple or both whatever is in the fruit bowl. I have some popcorn, and gum for myself and others in my bag. Usually grab either a snack/granola bar or nuts on the way out. These are all such great suggestions! I have a birth this week going to throw some new stuff in the bag!

  • Cameron Anetsky Trail mix bars are my favorite; they have no scent, have lots of protein, and honey instead of sugar! Great in a labor bag!

  • Kim Kosut McNiece Everyone is so healthy! I always pack a Snickers bar as a really quick pick me up during a long labor or as a "reward" for a short one. ;)

  • Megan Van Aelst Doula Raw almonds

  • Johanna Gledhill Wright I love fruit but fresh can get bruised or go bad in my bag so I pack some baby food pouches and it's kind of like having a smoothie!

  • Ashley Jones I love having the Luna bars in my bag! Also the real fruit leathers are good to have too!

  • Param Matharu I always have honey sticks, sport energy blocks, clif bars, and electrolyte mix on hand, both for myself and the parents.

  • Jennifer Hendrickson Granola bars and pretzels. Oh and water too! The air in hospitals is always so dry!

  • Adrienne T. Hunter mini packets of trail mix!

  • Megan Minnick Dried fruit, nuts, and little crackers that are small enough to pop in my mouth and suck on until they fall apart (so I'm not crunching!). :) Also, I have packed those squeezable fruit pouches designed for toddlers. They are very quick! :)

  • Emily Dunn Granola bars and plain almonds are a must. Bananas, carrots, and a cheese stick are good too!

  • Katie Seelinger, Birth Doula I like to do a homemade trail mix, with a little bit of everything. Salty soy nuts, a few raw nuts, dark chocolate chips, and random dried fruits. The squeezable fruit pouches are brilliant, too! And my trusty water bottle, with various individual energy drink packets to add if I need a boost :)
    Firm Foundations Doula Services Granola Bars and Beef Jerky! I also keep peppermints for mom! But i don't usually remember to eat. :)
    Vernita Dasher Salinas I always keep raw almonds, dates, fruit/nut bars, Emergen-C and other pour into water bottle mixes, and an assortment of chocolate (moms love having chocolate after a birth) in my bag. I usually add fresh lemon slices as i'm going out the door for my water or moms and as aroma therpy. I have also taken cucumber slices, hummus and crackers, cheese and crackers...
    Samara Ferguson Birth Doula lara bars, honey sticks and tamari almonds get me through
  • Portland MamaBaby Center I like things like a ziplock of raw almonds and cranberries. Something that gives me a little lasting power and also a little sugar right off.

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