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July Doula Tips - Day 8 - Unpack Your Tools

August 02, 2012

When you arrive at a labor, unpack your tools and sit them out where you can see them. You (and partners) are more likely to use them if they are out in the open.

Doula Tool Tips from the Fans...

Sarah DeGroff Have everything ready well in advance, so there's no scrambling for things when they're needed. This includes getting a squat bar from some obscure storage closet for a hospital birth. Around here, they're hardly used, and nurses are reluctant to get them out. They might say, "OK, we'll get it later." Then once it's needed, it's too late for any nurse to leave the room to go get it.

Karen Henshaw At the labor I attended today, a few drops of peppermint essential oil applied to a cool damp washcloth waved under the mom's nose, quelled her nausea during transition.

Mike Tessa D'Elia The use of a rebozo is so easy and really helps with back pain. Using a long strong scarf works well. Wrapping around lower back/hips and twisting tight creating a squeeze works great. Also tucking a warm rice sock into rebozo is nice. I love this tool. (Embraced With Love Doula Service)

Just Us Women Productions, LLC Practice what you preach. At the final prenatal visit review all of the hands on comfort techniques you might be using. Allow your client to get a feel for your hands, your touch, and your voice while giving you some feedback without the pressure of being in labor.

Karen Streetman The tools apron is a great tool for keeping the tools handy that you use often. I got one. From your

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