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July Doula Tips - Day 9 - Spend time working on your birth connections

August 03, 2012

It is great to have a local group of professionals which you can network with (great resources like: other doulas, childbirth educators, midwives, Chiropractors, Acupuncturist etc). This network often can lead to referrals and be a source for backups too. I am a believer that time spent networking is never wasted time!

How do you grow your birth connections?

Tomecas Gibson Thomas I connect with other Doulas thru Meetups. But I have not connected with any from my training class. I have attended doula mentor groups and meet and greets. But just getting together to have lunch or vent. I don't connect with anyone.
Firm Foundations Doula Services I get great resources by attending birth conventions, and community showers. I drop into any offices, stores, and centers with remote connections to birth. Schools too. I introduce myself and get to know what people do and offer. Also I look for deals for my clients in exchange for referrals.
Sarah DeGroff ?#doulaparty Friday nights at 9 EST on twitter.
Stephanie Aho Doula Banguilan For the local Atlanta folks, check out the Atlanta area childbirth professionals group on meetup or fb.
Nicole McKay In Ontario (Canada), I attend Doula CARE meetings for my city and we plan doula month activities, continuing education events, and monthly meetings about different topics (pelvic floor health, etc). We usually invite a doula to facilitate or have a speaker come in. Great place to meet for backups!

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