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July Doula Tips - Day 15 - Pack a spare set of clothes in your bag

August 04, 2012

Pack a spare set of clothes in your bag.    Birth can be messy and laboring can be long.  Two great reasons to have a fresh clean set of clothes in your doula bag.  Sometimes I'll change during a long birth just to feel refreshed.

Anyone ever been caught without a spare set?

Rashell Rice I keep a change of clothes and personal care products.  Sometimes brushing your teeth and freshening up makes you feel like a new person.
Angela Horn In 12 years, no.  I've never needed a fresh set of clothes.  I used to carry an extra set but took them out of my bag along the way when downsizing.  Of course now that I've said this I'll be drenched in amniotic fluid or blood LOL
Carolyn Fasnacht yes, angela you will!  that is exactly what happened to me!  had the extra set in the bag for close to a DECADE... didn't need it until two days after i took it out ;)  ahhh... life.
Lauren Pineda Wow I seem to need one at almost every birth. I Doula for only my Bradley students and natural birth is very hands on and messy :)
Teresa Fox-magri nope. i keep a bag packed in my car at all times with clothes, snacks and hygiene stuff. that's one less thing to worry about if i have to rush out. up until the weather got hot, i kept most of my birth  stuff in my car all the time too. but i have oils and herbs and equipment that will get melty so i keep it all packed and ready to go by the door.
Angela Horn I had a midwife comment once that most of my clients seem to have their waters break while on the toilet and how lucky I was LOL  It's true though I can't even begin to count how many have SROMed in labor on the toilet!  I almost got splattered with blood the other day when a client stood up by the bed to deliver her placenta and it came splattering out.  Jerked away just in time!
Vanessa Earhart Maybe not always a whole set but for sure fresh undergarments and socks can make a huge difference after 20 some hours. And a slash of alcohol hand sanitizer and a spritz of soap can do wonders in lieu of a shower..... Just sayin been there more times than I care to remember!!
Jennifer Seraphin Mossholder In 12 years I have had one occasion to need fresh pants; SROM everywhere :)  Always keep spray deodorant and toothbrush :)
Daniela Sal Panetta Never know when you're going to need a fresh top or pants !!!! Doesn't hurt or cost much to have extra stuff in ur bag!  I bring a hoodie in case the room is freezing and I want to warm up.  I also have an extra pair of socks and shoes to change in to as well all my toiletries and an extra new brush and tooth paste for dad !!! Lol ;))
Anna Grace Christine At 1 birth I had to use my extra shirt as I was focused on supporting Mom during pushing and didn't want to leave to pump. I had two big wet spots by the time I finally pumped. I've managed to escape getting any of mama's fluids on me so far. I haven't done a birth in 1.5 years (I have a 10 month old) but I always bring at least a shirt and socks. It feels so good after 10, 20, 30 hours to put on a clean shirt and socks.
Kat Crawford Never have been without a set, of course... I've only been to half dozen births! ;)
Vicki Peterman Tedder Thankfully because I'm a hospital based Doula, I wear scrubbs.  I've been splashed with fluid during birth even standing at the head of the bed.  No one is safe in some situations.
Hound Hill Doula I actually leave these in my car - just a tee and yoga pants and fresh underwear.  - I have them packed up tight in a little ditty bag and stuck in the well with my spare tire - out of the way  - and always there - cause you never know - might need them at a birth, might need them anytime.
In Bloom: Birth Doula & Lactation Care I was at a birth and the mom was standing for delivery and I was supporting her. I got poop all down my pant leg and top of my shoes.  I had to drive home with the windows down. Will ALWAYS have a change of clothes from now on!
Angela Horn Haha, I did a birth yesterday and because of this conversation I threw a change of clothes in my van on my way out the door.  Didn't need them, but just in case . . . they were there!

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