July Doula Tips - Day 18 - Help make the car ride to the hospital/birth center smooth for mom


Help make the car ride to the hospital smooth for mom with the following items: water with a straw or sipping bottle, a towel to put down on the seat - just in case her water breaks or if she is leaking, a plastic bag in case she has to vomit and a pillow to hug and/or lean on.  If she is listening to music try to transition to headphones for the car. How do you help the transition from laboring at home to traveling to the hospital/birth center?

Kate Donahue I avoid transporting in the same car. I don't want to be liable for driving them to the hospital and I don't want to be trapped at the hospital without my car, so I will follow them to the hospital (though I do recommend that they prepare their own car in a similar fashion as you have described)
Shannon Sasseville I have used the disposable chucks that you can buy at the store. They are in the adult incontinence isle. This is what I use personally when my water breaks at home, and what I suggest for my clients.
Jen Vawter TENS Unit! =)
Nicole McKay I second TENS unit!
Karen Henshaw I encourage the driver to tell the mom when there are stops and turns coming so she can focus on her labor without having to watch the road.
Baby Buzz Doula the ziplock bag is a MUST!!  I will suggest to put the seat in front all the way forward and have her lean over it w/out a seatbelt so she can sway with her contractions.
Emily Thomas Shipman My midwife suggested that if I was concerned about my water breaking, to just wear a pair of the adult disposable underwear (incontinence diapers), to help absorb. I would also recommend the disposable chuck pads for sitting on.

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