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July Doula Tips - Day 28 - The toilet can be a wonderful place to labor.

August 08, 2012

The toilet can be a wonderful place to labor. Sitting on the toilet might not be the most scenic location for labor, but it can really bring on some great contractions. I like to suggest mom stay on the toilet for a 'few contractions' each time they need to use the bathroom.

Have you seen success with laboring on the toilet?

Kat 'Robertson' Lawton Yes, personally :)

Nicole McKay Tons! I often suggest sitting on it backwards (facing the tank), throwing some pillows on the top of the tank, turning off the lights and using LED candles. So much progress and lots of moms don't want to get off!

Kristina Tung My last client labored on the toilet for probably 10 minutes and when she stood up she was 9cm :) I personally couldn't handle laboring on the toilet, too intense!

Shauna Banks Parker My Mom says back in 1980 they had her labor on potty with me until my head was crowning, then got her on her hands and knees?!? i think i may consider that this time around!

Kimberly Oberklaus With my last baby (surprise unassisted home birth) I did most of my laboring on tthe toilet. My husband had called 911 for a transfer to the hospital and the operator told him to get me off the toilet. I didn't was the best spot for me to be in. I labored there until I needed to push and just stood up.

Mary Karl-Gruswitz Toilet is good for moms, especially in the hospital, because it gives more privacy. Drop a few drops of peppermint essential oil in the water which can really encourage her to open up!

Lorilani Keohokalole-Torio The toilet was a favorite for my second birth... I doula'd for my sister-in-law, and her last two births worked well during rushes there.

Brittany Collins with myself, definitely. i started active labor on the toilet, and baby was out in less than an hour after that! :)

Teresa Fox-magri absolutely. my last mom got to 8cm sitting on the toilet. it allows the pelvic floor and perineum to relax and release. great place to labor.

Brandie Sloan Stoneking I labored on the toilet w/both of my kids.  That was really the only place I wanted to be.  Almost had my son there:>)

Michelle Fowler Pinto I had some of my best progress with my first child while on the toilet. Definitely helpful!

Jean Garretto I put a towel over the opening (Some Moms fear baby will fall in toilet) a chair/stool/birthball in front for support person and have mom rest/lean on support person.


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