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Birthdays Remembered

November 12, 2012

Doesn't it feel great when someone remembers your birthday?  How about your child's birthday?  I love that too.  At my doula training nearly 8 years ago my doula trainer, Rae Davies, suggested that we send our previous clients birthday cards.  Sending a card is a sweet and caring gesture, but it can be a good business idea as well.  The card will be a reminder to your client that you are still working as a doula and that you are appreciate of referrals.

I thought this was an excellent idea and yet I never really got into a consistent habit.  I created handmade first birthday cards and sell them at YourDoulaBag...and yet still I wasn't being consistent.  First Birthday Cards for Doula Clients

First Birthday Cards for Doula Clients


What could I do to make sure that I remembered to send out the cards?  Thankfully I figured out an answer.  We built in a Birthday Reminder Report into our doula business management software, YourDoulaBiz.  Users of the YourDoulaBiz program will receive this report at the end of the month listing the birthdays for the following month.  The report includes the home address, gender and name of the baby (sometimes we forget!) and the email address of the mother.  Now I have NO excuse not to send a birthday card!

Birthday Reminder Report in YourDoulaBiz


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