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Bathtub that I slept in

Hospital bathtubs probably are not the first place that you would choose when looking for a place to sleep, but they really aren't that bad.  When you have been up for just under 24 hours ANYWHERE sounds good.  After about 20 minutes of tossing the idea back and forth in my head I did it.  I went to the counter and picked up the extra pillow.  I opened the cabinet and grabbed two extra sheets.  I tip toed across the room making sure that I not wake my doula client or her sleeping partner.  I opened the bathroom door and proceeded to make up my bed...the bathtub.  I lined it with one of the sheets and crawled in.  I was so thankful to be able to stretch out my legs and lay mostly horizontally.  It was heavenly.  I think I fell asleep immediately and probably caught about 15-20 minutes of shut eye before the OB came in ready to check my client.  I sprang to my feet, wiped my face of any drool and smoothed my ponytail.  Sleeping in a hospital bathtub isn't ideal, but for a weary doula looking for some rest it really isn't too bad.

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  • Tonya

    I have so been there! Generally by that time, the tub has been well used and I am a little hesitant to crawl in. However, sleep deprivation will override rational thought processes for a few minutes when all you can think about is sleep. ;)

  • Katie

    I will be doing this for sure!

  • Lisa Odgaard
    Lisa Odgaard

    You’re so lucky your hospital has bathtubs! Ours only has showers. I have, however, invested in a small air bed and sleeping bag for those loooong labours.

  • Diana Cronin
    Diana Cronin

    O my god, this sounds awesome. !! What if if someone decided to go to the bathroom? Like husband?

  • Ariana

    Love it! I have “slept” on too many uncomfortable, too small chairs. Will try this next time.

  • "Kenny" Shulman
    "Kenny" Shulman

    I love it!!! And definitely am going to try it…next time I have to catch a nap!

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