Doula Pride


I wear doula tshirts, put doula buttons on my backpack, have a doula bumper sticker and even have a doula themed iPad cover.  Some people might call it doula overkill.  Not me, I call it doula pride.  I am so proud to be a doula.  It is the career that I had always hoped for. One that I feel passionate about.  A career that keeps me engaged, excited and on my toes.  

I'm proud that I am given the opportunity to help out so many families on such an important day.  

I'm proud to be a witness to the miracle of life many times a year.  

I'm proud that a part of the childbirth team alongside nurses, midwives and doctors.  

I'm proud to be part of the doula community.  

Are you proud to be a doula?

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  • Chelsea

    I love these pins. In addition to being a doula I work at a Prenatal Clinic in Northern CA and we all love these!

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