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My Doula Bag - Part One


Today's Blog is the first in a series called very simply: My Doula Bag

Even though I run a doula products company, I would say that some of the most important items in my doula bag are my extra clothes.  The contents are very basic and yet can be a lifesaver in the right situation.  Labor and birth can be quite messy at times.   There can be the dramatic breaking of waters to the less than appealing vomiting episode that can make a perfectly good doula outfit no longer wearable.  I most often need a change of clothes when I am helping a mom labor in the shower or tub.  I try my best to stay dry, but let's face's near impossible if you want to do a good job!

I like to pack my spare clothes in a Lapoche luggage organizer.  This organizer keeps the clothes clean, organized and very compact for the bag.  I found mine at the Container Store.

How do you keep your spare set of clothes organized? Are there clothing items that I need to add to my pack?

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  • Teapot

    I included an extra pair of shoes in my bag. You never know what is going to land on you at a birth—or where!

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