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My last birth - items used from my Doula Bag


[caption id="attachment_1087" align="aligncenter" width="80"]Top item used from Doula Bag Great for the doula bag[/caption]


"What should I pack for birth?" is often a question that I am asked when I teach childbirth class.   After each birth I like to reorganize my bag and make a list of items used.  At my birth last Saturday I used the following: Battery Operated Candles, Peppermint Oil, Happy Mama Spray and the Labor Progress Handbook.

My favorite item was the Happy Mama Spray.  This spray has the most wonderful smell.  It is a mix of Grapefruit and Ginger.  Spray around the room and everyone will have a positive spirit, especially the laboring mama.

What items did you use at your last birth?



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  • Annie Burgos
    Annie Burgos

    At last week’s birth I used the birth ball, the rice sock, lavender and almond essential oil blend; for massage, I used my hands and the tennis ball and of course, chap stick. Lips tend to get very dry during contractions and having chap sticks in my bag are a must. (Mom-to-Be keeps the chap stick).

  • Liz

    Last birth I used…straws, coconut oil, and I think that’s it…it was a calm, quick home birth.

  • Amy

    At yesterday’s birth I used: my camera, iPad,(for notes), rebozo, fan and a bobby pin.

  • Marissa McManus
    Marissa McManus

    Rice socks, birthing ball, cold rags, and my hands were the things that helped out mom the most.

  • Karen

    I tend to use about 5% of the items in my bag. Last birth I used my hands, an EO blend, and a kneeling pad. That was it. I love when the hospitals have the disposable heating pads you just crack open; I don’t have to run back and forth warming up rice socks and more of my attention can be focused on the mother!

  • Diamond Doula
    Diamond Doula

    I always use my rice socks. My last birth I used my ball, my rice socks, music and my labor notes pad. The one before that, nothing (it was really fast). The one before that. Honey sticks, rice socks, ball, EO’s.

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