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The Power in Birth

October 06, 2013


[caption id="attachment_1158" align="aligncenter" width="575"]Joule Birth founder, Tammy Ryan in action Joule Birth founder, Tammy Ryan in action[/caption]

Joule Birth, Inc., a nonprofit organization, exists to increase life expectancy in low resource countries for MotherBaby through alternative energies, childbirth education, and by providing necessary materials. We provide evidence based prenatal education, labor support and postpartum management in areas with limited access to healthcare. We provide assessments of current power sources and repurpose existing material to implement stable power. We help to reduce barriers so MotherBaby will have access to skilled emergency care and we partner with other globally minded organizations to fulfill needed supplies to improve the safety of childbirth. To date, Joule birth has worked in Burundi, Rwanda, DR Congo, Kenya, Tanzania and South Korea. Currently, we have been asked to work with the university in Ethiopia teaching skills to their students such as rescue breathing, childbirth education and positioning during labor. In a country with over 80 million people there are only 1000 midwives. In Ethiopia 95% of the population gives birth without a skilled attendant present. We are working with them on getting solar equipment into the hands of rural midwives to help make childbirth safer. By educating and empowering women during the childbirth years we can help them make a positive impact in their community. For more information on the work being do go to or you can email us at

Tammy Ryan, CD(DONA) 

Tammy Ryan is a doula, birth doula trainer and is the Midwestern US Director for DONA International. She lives in Iowa and has been married for 28 years to a very supportive husband. They have 3 grown sons. Joule Birth is a non profit created by Tammy and her husband to serve low resource countries through education and technology.

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