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Are Doulas like Wonder Woman?

October 05, 2013

Are Doulas Like Wonder Woman

My husband placed this little Wonder Woman figure on the doula sign in my office.  He said that it made perfect sense. "A Doula is like Wonder Woman!"  This phrase really started me thinking.  Are we really like this powerful superhero?  I'll admit that many times I do feel like a superhero!  Those times when I suggest a position change and all of a sudden she feels the urge to push.  Or when I convince a cranky OB to permit a mom to get in the shower and it brings her great relief.  I do feel on par with the likes of Superman.

Of course, we all know who the true Wonder Woman is during labor, the birthing mom.  Our superpower is to do what we can to make sure she is the heroine.  We support her, lift her up, clear the path for her success.  My superhero knowledge is pretty limited, but doulas would ideally be the invisible heroine.  The superhero that works behind the scenes.  So much of what we do often goes unnoticed. We refill water cups, adjust the temperature of the room and cool washcloths when they get warm.   We keep track of bladders, heat up rice socks and put flip flops right below moms feet when she gets out of bed.  We offer partners the best chair, go hours without sleep and press on backs until our arms are about to fall off.

We might not be the true Wonder Woman in the birthing room, but I think we make a damn good sidekick!

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