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3 Tips for an Awesome Booth

October 09, 2013

3 Tips for an Awesome Booth

Having a booth at a conference or baby fair can be a wonderful opportunity for your business, but can also be a big waste of time and money.  I have setup many booths for my businesses and I have a few tips that I think will make your booth one of the most visited at the event.


Most booths come with a 6 or 8 foot table, a chair and a trash can.  Take the chair and give it to another compay.  Why?  Because when you stand behind your booth you look eager to talk to people coming by.  You look excited to be there and passionate about your business.  If you sit at your booth you look tired and not interested in being there.  You will be very tired at the end of the day, but it's worth it.


You often see very similar displays at conferences and baby fairs.  Think outside the box for your booth.  What can you put on your table to really catch someone's eye?  Our YourDoulaBag booths always include a coat rack covered with hanging birth balls in covers.  This setup is takes quite a bit of effort.  When out of town I actually ship the heavy coat rack, tools, deflated birth balls and covers to my location.  I spend a good 30-45 minutes assembling the rack and then inflating the balls.  All of this effort and cost is completely worth it.  No one can pass my booth without noticing the balls and covers.  They are very unexpected and therefore quite eye catching!  I have had many customers say that they bring their ball and cover to setup at their booths too.  I encourage them to somehow hook the ball to the front or side of their table so that people can't miss it.  Whether it is a birth ball in cover or something else clever make sure that it will catch your customer's eye.


If you are allowed to sell something at the event, do it!  Think of something that is small enough that your customers would like.   Don't count on making a lot of money at the event, but you won't make anything if you aren't really to sell.  While some people carry cash and checks, ALL people have a credit/debit card.  Consider getting a system where you can swipe cards through your phone.  Square and Paypal are a few companies that make these available quite easily.  If you are exhibiting your doula services or childbirth education classes allow customers to signup on site or at least pay for a deposit.

Now get out there and work your table!

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Utica Doula
Utica Doula

October 09, 2013

I always have something to demonstrate, something that will cause some one to stop and ask — a rolling pin? is that for my husband. it get convo going.

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