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It's more than a doula T-shirt

October 21, 2013

More than a doula tshirt 


My standard outfit for my birth doula work always includes a doula tshirt.  It probably won't surprise you that I own one of nearly every color that we have ever sold.  They say "DOULAS support your labor of love"and clearly identify me as a doula when I am at the hospital.

You might be surprised to know that these shirts aren't only worn for work and they arent just worn as part of my doula pride. I will often wear them when I know that I'll be exposed to people who might not be familiar with doulas.  My goal is to bring awareness to the profession.  If a cashier at the grocery store or someone in line at the post office sees my shirt and starts a conversation with me about doulas then I've met my goal.

We all do our part to get the word out about doulas and my doula tshirt is just one way to make this happen.

How do you spread the word about this profession? A button, a bumper sticker, a tshirt...

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