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Doula Business Tip - Invest in Professional Headshot


Doula Business Tip - Invest in Professional Headshots

There are so many expenses when it comes to starting your doula business.  You usually shell out a few hundred for training.  The required reading list is another hundred or so.   Let's face it, the last thing that you probably think about spending money on is a bright and shiny photo of yourself.   Why should doulas invest in one?

1) Look professional, Be professional

As much as we don't want it to be true, people judge us on appearance.  Professional photographers can make anyone look great.  They have the right equipment, lighting and experience to make us look our best.   When a client is checking out your doula website they will likely want to see what you look like.  I have had several clients mention that they choose to interview me because I looked "normal".  I'm not sure what that means to them, but I assume that I look like someone who they would feel comfortable meeting.

2) You are the product, Sell yourself

Our doula websites are setup to sell our services which really means sell ourselves.  If you were selling bagels would you take a photo of a half eaten one on a dirty plate?  Of course not!  You would choose the best looking one taken in the right light.  We want our clients to see our photo and have a good feeling about the image that we are portraying.  The professional headshot will help you sell yourself.

Have you had one taken?  Share your experience in our comments section!





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  • Ginnie Calabrese
    Ginnie Calabrese

    Beautiful photography is so important!

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