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Why I cover my birth ball

January 20, 2014

5 Reason I cover my birth ball
1) The Birth Ball Cover makes the ball easy to transport.
If you are a doula or childbirth educator and have the need to carry your ball around with you then a ball cover is invaluable.  Carrying a giant ball without a cover is beyond awkward.  How many times have I  dropped that ball in a hospital hallway and had to chase after it?  The handle allows you to sling the ball over your arm and securely transport it without worry.
2) The Birth Ball Cover makes the ball easy to manage
I love being able to manage the birth ball in the labor room thanks to the handle on the ball cover.  If mom isn't using the ball I hang it up out of the way and off of the germ-ridden hospital floor.  
3) The Birth Ball Cover makes the ball clean
Pop on the cover and you have covered over any dirt, hair or lint that might be on your ball.  The ball cover itself can be machine washed so that you can have a clean cover for every use.
4) The Birth Ball Cover makes the ball soft
The cover nicely softens the plastic of the birth ball.  This is great when used for leaning on.  Who wants to put their face on plastic?
5) The Birth Ball Cover is just plain cute!
Your cover makes a statement.  Show your personality with the cover you put on your ball.  Are you a floral girl or camo lover?  You can even get your logo put on the ball to turn your ball into an advertising piece. 
"But I use the hospital ball. Why would I want a cover?" See reasons 2-5 above. 

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